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Road Runner/GTX Electrical Parts

Download RoadRunner/GTX Ignition Harnesses & Parts Catalog 

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1966-1971 Ballast Resistor Bracket (standard ignition)


Factory style replacement ballast resistor bracket for all 1962-71 Mopar models with points ignition. The Ballast Resistor mounts to this bracket. . . .


1966-1971 Distributor Hold Down (Hemi)


These reproduction distributor hold downs are for 413-426 Max Wedge and 426 Hemi engines. Manufactured from correct gauge steel and are supplied in a bare . . .


1966-1971 Distributor Wire Grommet (all w/points ignition)


Reproduction of the grommet for the distributor wire. This grommet was originally equipped on all Mopar vehicles with points ignition and a distributor. . . .


1966-1971 Electronic Ignition Conversion Kits

Electronic ignition conversion set for 1960-71 Mopar engines. Includes electronic ignition distributor with vacuum advance, two-wire ballast resistor, mopar “orange box” ignition control module, . . . More

1966-1972 Electronic Ignition Conversion Harness


This conversion harness will replace the point style engine harness when upgrading to electronic ignition. Works with any electronic distributor and control unit. Requires a 4 . . .


1966-1972 Ignition Ballast Resistor (w/o Electronic Ignition)


Replacement Ballast Resistor for 1962-72 Mopar models. The ballast resistor works in conjunction with the ignition coil. During low speed operation, the ballast resistor heats up. The increase . . .


1966-1974 Electronic Ignition Control Unit (up to 12000rpm)


Mopar Performance electronic control units are a culmination of years of high performance ignition system development. Designed to outperform any igntion unit previously offered to . . .


1966-1974 Mopar V8 Distributor Cap (Tan)


Original-style replacement distributor cap for the cap originally equipped on Chrysler engines of the late 60's and early 70's. This distributor cap is manufactured in tan . . .


1969 Ballast Resistor Wire (A12)


Ballast resistor wire for 1969-1/2 Mopar B-Body models equipped with 440 6 bbl engines. This wire connects from the ballast resistor to the coil. . . .


1969-1970 Dual Point Distributor Lead

Dual point distributor leads with correct logo and original style terminal ends. Made from heat resistant wire with resistance welded D-ring terminal and has . . . More


We regularly add more muscle car restoration parts to our website. We probably have the parts you are looking for, but they may not be posted here yet - contact us and tell us what you need.

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