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Dart/Demon Steering Parts

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1967 Mopar Federal Style Power Steering Pressure Hose (33.375")

SKU: DDIC70329

Premium quality power steering pressure hose for 1964-67 Mopar models. The pressure hose connects from the power steering pump to the control valve/gear inlet. . . .


1967-1969 Mopar A-Body Front End Rebuild Set


Restore the handling of your classic and reduce front tire wear with this rebuild set. The set will renew your worn out front suspension with all . . .


1967-1974 Mopar Pressure Control Valve

SKU: DDIC2537227

Premium quality reproduction return fitting for the steering sector on 1967-74 Dodge and Plymouth models. The return hose of the power steering pump attaches to this fitting. . . .


1967-1976 Mopar Date Coded Power Steering Return Hose

Premium quality reproduction date coded power steering return hose for your restored Mopar. Includes the correct style 18" hose and 4 correct clamps. Licensed by . . . More

1967-1976 Mopar Manual Steering Box


Premium quality brand new Mopar replacement manual steering box for 1966-76 A, B, & E-Body models. Output shaft measures 5/8" x 36 spline.

Note: This . . .


1967-1976 Mopar Power Steering Box (14:1 Ratio)

Premium quality A modern power steering box for the 1964-76 Mopar models which fits factory power steering cars. The box offers a 14:1 quick ratio, firm modern power . . . More

1967-1976 Mopar Power Steering Return Hose (3/8" i.d. Hose, 24")

SKU: DDIC71224

Premium quality replacement hoses for the power steering return line for 1960-76 A, B, & E-Body models. Cut-to-fit. . . .


1967-1976 Mopar Steering Coupler


Premium quality Mopar steering universal joint/vibration reducer in steel. Couples stock Mopar steering columns to Mopar power steering box ICMN7505 and ICMN7506. Stock column . . .


1967-1976 Power Steering Pump Cap (Saginaw Pump)


Replace your damaged or missing power steering reservoir cap with a quality aftermarket cap. These caps fit perfectly on Saginaw power steering pump reservoirs. . . .


1967-1976 Power Steering Pump O-Ring Seal Kit (Saginaw)

SKU: DDIC1253575

This is the O-ring set for Saginaw power steering pumps. Includes 8 pieces to re-seal the pump to the reservoir. Does not include the shaft seal. Fits most . . .


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