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Impala Fuel System and Exhaust Parts

Download Impala Carburetor Air Cleaner & Parts Catalog 

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1958-1960 Carburetor To Air Cleaner Gasket (W/Wcfb 4Bbl)


Reproduction of the gasket that fits between the carburetor and air cleaner assembly. This gasket is often damaged or missing allowing dirt into the engine. . . .


1958-1964 Carburetor Accelerator Linkage Bracket/Spring


Carburetor accelerator linkage bracket and spring set needed to connect 2 x 4 barrel carburetors. . . .


1958-1964 Carburetor Linkage Sets (348/409)

Here are those hard to find linkage rods for single and multiple carb set-ups. Each set includes the necessary hardware when required.

Note: Includes 2nd rods. . . . More

1958-1969 Accelerator Rod Grommet and Sleeve


Reproduction of the original grommet and sleeve unit where the accelerator rod fits into linkage. This grommet often deteriorates due to engine heat or chemical spillage. . . .


1958-1976 Air Cleaner Lid Seal


Reproduction air cleaner lid seal designed to seal between the lid and the base for various applications. . . .


1958-1976 Carburetor Cover (4bbl)


Produced using tough plastic construction. For use on all 4 bbl. carburetors. 5 1/8 diameter. . . .


1958-1976 Carburetor Tee Connector Cap (5/32")

SKU: IMIC3928101

For all carburetors that require a vacuum fitting for a 5/32" tube. . . .


1958-1976 Dual Snorkel Air Cleaner Assembly W/Black Lid (HP Small Block)


Reproduction of the original factory dual snorkel air cleaner used with high performance V8 small block engines. This reproduction air cleaner is a closed element style . . .


1958-1976 Holley 4 bbl. Carburetor Heat Shield

SKU: IMIC3969835

Heat shield for all GM models with Holley Carburetors. This heat shield will help cool the intake charge for better performance. . . .


1958-1976 Valve Cover to Air Cleaner Hose (Big Block w/Closed Element)


Correct replacement hose designed to fit from valve cover to air cleaner. Hose is produced from fuel-resistant materials. Hoses that are not produced with . . .


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